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Cabinetry is an essential part of any home or business, providing both décor and practical storage options. Cabinetry can be made from a variety of materials, including plywood, hardwood, and furniture board. Depending on the type of cabinetry you choose, it can be used to store items such as dishes, clothes, books, and office supplies. Cabinetry also adds to the aesthetic of a space, as there are many different styles and designs available. When installing cabinetry, it is important to ensure proper measurements and materials, so that the cabinetry is secure and looks its best. This can be done by consulting a professional cabinet maker or contractor. With the right cabinetry, you can create a beautiful and organized space that is both functional and stylish. We currently carry the following brands: OmegaHomecrest, and Holiday Kitchen.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is an important finishing touch for any kitchen or bathroom remodel. It not only adds a decorative element to the space, but it also provides functionality. There are several different types of cabinet hardware available, including knobs and pulls. Each of these components offers different features and designs, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your cabinets. Knobs and pulls can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood. No matter what type of cabinet hardware you choose, Top Knobs will provide the best look!


Countertops are an important part of any kitchen or bathroom design. They provide an ideal surface for food preparation, a place to set hot items, and a decorative touch to the room. When selecting a countertop, there are a few factors to consider. Materials such as granite, quartz, and laminate each provide unique benefits and drawbacks. Granite is durable, but requires periodic sealing. Quartz is a popular choice because it is non-porous and requires minimal maintenance. Laminate is a cost-effective option and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Additionally, many countertops are now available with integrated sinks for a seamless look. No matter what type of countertop you choose, it is important to make sure it is properly installed to ensure long-term usage. We currently offer Cambria and Q by MSI Quartz.


A backsplash is material that is installed between the countertop and the wall cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom. It is used to protect the walls and countertops from splashing water, food, and other messes. Backsplashes are usually made from ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel, or natural stone. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find one that fits the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain, and they can add a stylish touch to your kitchen or bathroom.

Onyx Showers & Vanities

Onyx showers and vanity tops are a great choice for creating a luxurious shower experience in your home. Their design makes them easy to install and customize, allowing you to choose from a wide range of features and finishes. Onyx showers and vanity tops are constructed from durable, high-performance materials, making them an excellent choice for long-term durability. Their sleek, modern designs and high-quality materials add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. Onyx showers and vanity tops are also low-maintenance, requiring minimal maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best.


Delta and Kohler are two popular brands of faucets known for their durability and functionality. Delta offers a range of styles, finishes, and features, including touchless technology and magnetic docking for their sprayers. Kohler also offers a variety of options, with focus on water conservation and easy installation. Both brands offer limited lifetime warranties and have a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Ultimately, the choice between Delta and Kohler will depend on personal preference and specific needs for your kitchen or bathroom.


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